Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani: How Did This Happen?

Maintaining love, trust, and a marriage is possibly the equivalent to climbing Mount Annapurna. Annapurna looks so majestic and breathtaking. Many muster up the courage to attempt to conquer the Nepal wonder, but very few survive the journey to the top. Known as the most deadliest mountain known on Earth, people still want to give it a shot to see if they can make it. When an adorable soul loved by millions like pop star Gwen Stefani gets pummeled by her soon-to-be-ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, marriage does not look so regal. Matter fact, love begins to look like a junk yard. Then in the midst of all the mess, the universe sends another beautiful mountain name Blake Shelton.

Stefani and Rossdale appeared to be the ideal rock n’ roll couple. Rossdale, the frontman for the band Bush, fell in love with Stefani during a No Doubt sound check. Mesmerized, he watched Stefani from the side of the stage. The strikingly beautiful blond bombshell took command of the stage with much energy and power. It was love at first sight for the both of them. Inseparable, the couple married in 2002 and the world thought they would be forever.

strumThree children later and a gorgeous home in Rossdale’s native hometown of London in the United Kingdom, the couple’s marriage was suddenly being tested. Rossdale’s former five-year relationship with a cross dresser by the name of Peter Robinson, also known as Marilyn, surfaced claiming to still be in love with the Rossdale. Standing by her man, Stefani stuck it out with Rossdale through the social humiliation. It was not until the discovery of a seven-year affair with nanny Mindy Mann that Stefani could no longer stay on the Rossdale mountain. She was exhausted and done. As more skeletons danced their way out of every closet in the Rossdale home, including Stefani finding out her husband’s former gay lover Robinson was an invited guest to their wedding, The Voice star finally filed for divorce from Rossdale in 2015.

Stefani, a cool glass of water, never let the world see her sweat. Continuing to work and flashing that Hollywood smile for her fans, Stefani did not skip a beat. A fan favorite on the hit television show The Voice, the universe introduced her to another star. Steering clear of any more rock stars, no one in a million years would have ever imagined Stefani tuning into country music. Falling in love with her fellow co-star award-winning mega country star Shelton, Stefani is definitely exploring a mountain in a new territory.

Newly divorced from country star Miranda Lambert, Shelton wasted no time moving on. Known for his great sense of humor and superb eye for talent, it does not seem too far-fetched that he fancied Stefani right away. Both extremely successful and always laughing, having a good time, many believe it could possibly be a match made in heaven.

Pop meets country with two high-profile figures loved by millions, maybe this mountain will be easier to climb for the both of them. No competition between them in the same genre of music. They can each bring completely different backgrounds to create something special. Stefani’s fans reportedly seem to be happy for their idol who they believe deserves better than Rossdale. Shelton’s country fans, however, are not as quick to embrace what they possibly perceive to be a wild-child of a woman in Stefani.

Shelton and Stefani seem to be in their own world, enjoying one another’s company and having a blast. Though both have fallen off the cliff of previous monstrous mountains, they appear to still believe in love. Mountain climbing is a death-defying act, indeed, but breathtaking all at once.


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