This Member of Lady Antebellum Goes Solo

Guess who’s branching off from Lady Antebellum to record their own solo album? Lady Antebellum frontman, Charles Kelley, has been making himself busy despite the band’s current state of “time off,” with a brave desire to “step outside of [his] comfort zone.”

Impending Parenthood, Writing a New Lady A Album… Now a Solo Career

It was recently announced that Kelley was going to be a dad for the first time, joining the other two members of Lady A and their respective spouses into parenthood status. As if that weren’t big enough news, Charles Kelley also revealed that he was going to be making his first solo album without his bandmates, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood.

Although it’s not surprising, since any one of them is talented enough to tackle the country music charts along, can Charles Kelley pull it off?

Solo albums have often been the kiss of death for a group or been a black mark on the solo artist’s career if they fail to live up to expectations, or fail to find a new sound that works. So can Lady Antebellum fans love Charles Kelley all by his lonesome as much as they love him in the group?

Lady Antebellum Shows Their Full Support for Bandmate Kelley at Preview Event

He certainly has the support of his bandmates. Hillary Scott recently posted this Instagram photo ( with the caption, “So proud of my best friend and band mate Charles Kelley and excited for everyone to hear ‘The Driver.’”

The photo was taken at an exclusive, industry-only preview performance event to promote Charles Kelley’s solo album. In a speech to those in attendance, Kelley said, “I wouldn’t have done this without Hillary and Dave giving me their blessing.”

The whole Lady Antebellum gang was in attendance to show their support for Charles Kelley, along with country music celebs like Miranda Lambert, and John and Martina McBride. Charles Kelley has the full support of Lady Antebellum’s record label, too.

What To Expect from the Upcoming Solo Album

Capitol Records is backing Kelley’s solo venture, which is always a promising sign. If Lady A’s own record label wasn’t interested in producing his embarkment into solo-dom, (as is sometimes the case with artist’s first attempts at going solo) then it would be a tell that the album was quite up to snuff compared to Lady Antebellum’s legendary country music status.

But with the full faith and support of the country music industry at his back, Charles Kelley’s first solo album away from Lady Antebellum could establish him as a breakout solo country star. But will he stick to Lady Antebellum’s unique sound sensibilities, or will he experiment with a new direction?

The album itself will feature mostly original material written by Charles Kelley. We know he’s got the chops for it, with some serious hits under Lady Antebellum’s belt! There will also be an exciting cover featured on the new track: Tom Petty’s “Southern Accents” with the legendary Stevie Nicks providing harmony to Kelley’s sweet, sweet voice.

Despite the Hiatus, Lady Antebellum is Here to Stay (And So Is Charles Kelley)

But don’t fear for the fate of our Lady of Antebellum. “Lady Antebellum will always be my focus,” Charles Kelley insisted. “Lady Antebellum will never break up, mark my words.” They’ll be back from their breather soon enough. Hillary Scott says that the band’s resting period will “probably be a lot shorter than what [they] set out for it to be.”

Although country music will be elated to have them all back under the banner of Lady Antebellum, it seems like fans can get their fix through this latest solo project by Charles Kelley. Currently, there’s no album title or official release date announced for the upcoming album. But you don’t have to wait to hear a sneak preview.

Check Out Kelley’s Hearfelt Slowed-Down Single, “The Driver”

If you’re anxious to get a taste of Charles Kelley during Lady A’s downtime, here is his single, “The Driver,” which is what Hillary Scott was referring to in her Instagram post.

The song features the angelic vocals of country music darlings Eric Paslay and Dierks Bentley. It’s slow, it’s sweet, and you have to listen to it right now. It feels heart-wrenchingly personal, and the lyrics are of Lady Antebellum’s signature quality and depth. Not to mention those gorgeous harmonies from Paslay and Bentley.

Although the details are still scant, country music lovers should get excited for this solo project. If it’s anything like this single that’s just been released, Charles Kelley has proven his worth; both with and without Lady Antebellum.