Six New Country Albums to be released in November

There are millions of country music listeners across the globe, so it is no wonder that many fans are excited for the release a few albums next month. These albums come at a great time of the year. Christmas is still over a month away, but these albums might be a great gift idea for the holiday season. For those who just can’t wait to hear songs off of these albums, they will be made available for purchase or download at the beginning of the month. Here is a look at the top country artists who are releasing an album in the month of November.

Alan Jackson

On November 6th, Alan Jackson’s newest album, titled Genuine: The Alan Jackson Story, will be made available to country fans, exclusively through Walmart. Alan Jackson has been a country superstar for the past 25 years, and fans are excited to see another new release from the artist. This album will actually be a three-album collection of music, featuring rare live versions of songs he has performed in the past. The collection will also include previously unreleased songs, as well as some of his most famous hits, such as “Chattahoochee”. Tributes to Jackson by some of the best in country music give diehard fans a look into Jackson’s stellar career in the country music industry. To learn more about all tracks available on each disc, you can visit the official Alan Jackson webpage.

Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes is a young musician who made his name in the country music world in 2011. Since then, his career has grown and flourished because he writes his own music and can play several different musical instruments. On November 6th, he will be releasing a special three- disc set titled The 21 Project. This set will feature a unique look into Hayes and his acoustic, studio, and live recordings. It will also include seven new songs, one titled “I Mean You”, as well as his number one single “21”. Hayes decided to release this three- disc album to showcase how his music grows from its original form into music played live on stage. His fall tour began on October 22nd and will continue through the release date of this new album. To learn more about this project, follow this link.

Josh Abbott Band

The Josh Abbott Band was founded in Texas in 2006 and began touring in 2008. Throughout the years they have changed and grown, releasing new albums in 2010 and 2012. In August of this year, the band announced they would be releasing their fourth album, titled Front Row Seat. This album will also be available on November 6th, and can be preordered on iTunes. Josh Abbott, lead vocals for the band, developed a 15- song album, which is broken up into five cinematic acts. There are some unfortunate real life events behind this album, which involve the story of a failed relationship and divorce. You can learn more about this album at the bands website.

Old Dominion

Old Dominion was said to be the band to watch in 2015 and they are finally releasing their debut album, titled Meat and Candy, which comes out on November 6th.  The album will feature their top-15 single, “Break up with Him.” This rising country group is hoping the album stands out from the rest of the pack so they can continue to grow in the country world. The band hopes that this album will prove they are a group that deserves a spot in country. Track list for the album include songs titled, “Wrong Turns”, “Said Nobody”, and “Beer Can in a Truck Bed”. To learn more about the album release, as well as information on the band, you can visit their website.

Tim McGraw

A popular solo artist for years, Tim McGraw is releasing a new album on November 6th, titled Damn Country Music. This title is said to symbolize making a decision to pursue something that might have a heavy price to pay later. This is McGraw’s 14th studio album, and will also have a deluxe edition featuring three bonus tracks. The main single off of this album is titled “Top of the World”, which is a love song. To celebrate the release of his new album, McGraw has teamed up with the popular website, Pandora, to develop a mixtape and album release party. The mixtape will also be released on November 6th and will feature music that inspired McGraw throughout his career. For preorder information, including other items besides the album, visit the following link.

Chris Young

Chris Young hit the country music scene after winning the singing competition television show, Nashville Star, in 2006. Since then, he has released multiple albums with songs on the top 5 hits list. On November 13th, Young will release his fifth studio album, titled, “I’m Comin’ Over”. Young was a co-producer on this album and actually wrote nine of the eleven songs. Fans who pre-order the album will get an exclusive early listen to new songs on the album. One of the songs “Think of You” features a duet with Cassadee Pope, winner of popular television show The Voice. You can learn more about the album here.

There you have it, a complete list of amazing albums to be released in the following weeks. Some of these come from well-known country artists, while others are being released by bands new to the country world. Country music fans have a variety of options available in the month of November. Some might even wish to purchase multiple albums. We will be sure to keep an eye out for additional country music albums that might be released in the New Year.